Arlene Navarro

"I consider it an honor to journey with my clients as they share their unique stories.  As they do the hard work of reflecting on their stories, I help them reorient their understanding and beliefs surrounding their life circumstance, leading them to a restored life of goodness and beauty."



I completed my Master of Arts in Counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary in 2007.  Desiring a more comprehensive and integrated clinical training, I earned my Certificate for Advanced Professional Counseling (CAPC)  from Biblical Theological Seminary. I am currently pursuing my Licensure for Professional Counseling (LPC) in the state of Pennsylvania. I have been a therapist for the past 13 years and worked in New York and Philadelphia, including working as a therapist on staff at Tim Keller's Redeemer Presbyterian Church's counseling center, Redeemer Counseling Services. Most recently, I helped create and manage Liberti Church Center City's counseling center, 2200 Arch Counseling Services in Philadelphia.

After working in various church-based counseling centers, I decided to create my own private practice, RE:STORY Counseling Service in August 2017. Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked in the advertising industry in New York and San Francisco for almost two decades.  (Yes, the Madmen series was on point if you were a fan of the show).  



“I am grateful that Arlene Navarro was my counselor. She patiently helped me through some difficult times, especially when doing trauma work. Arlene spoke truth into my life when I needed it.

/ Former Client /



My 27+ years of combined working experience in the corporate world and counseling, in addition to pursuing advanced, intensive education and training, has equipped me with a unique and fresh perspective that is empathic, skilled, and yet practical. My understanding of human suffering is nuanced and centered on what it means to be a spiritual being living in a physical body. My counseling approach is holistic and I invite my clients to discover their own ability to face life's challenges and experience deep transformation through their own spiritual journey.

As an immigrant and a transplant to Philadelphia, I am culturally sensitive and compassionate to those that feel racially or socially marginalized. I enjoy spending time with my family, laughter and thought-provoking conversations with my circle of trusted friends. I am a city dweller and love everything about the city. I am a woman of many interests food, wine, the arts, poetry, yoga, the Enneagram, mindfulness meditation and other contemplative practices. I am a follower of Christ and believe that change happens even in our aging years.  It begins with wanting to change and surrendering what we hold so tightly to the Spirit. 

I am an active member of City Church of Philadelphia which is a congregation of the Reformed Church of America denomination. 

Professional membership and affiliations:

  • American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) member since 2013

  • American Counseling Association (ACA) member since 2016

  • American Psychological Association (APA) member since 2016



“Arlene Navarro is a joy to collaborate with. We have shared multiple complex clients who desire a faith based approach and I have found her to be a very empathic and skillful clinician who always puts her clients first.




Treatment Approach

I offer professional counseling that brings awareness, meaning and connection to the person, giving them the experience of being known.

My unique approach is concerned with the healing and re-telling of a person's story -- hence the name, RE:STORY.  I focus on the health and whole of the human spirit in its entire relational context.  My aim is not to simply change behavior, but to dismantle the dysfunctional structures that are often rooted in familial, cultural, moral, and social beliefs -- beliefs that often create confusion or offer a false sense of relief. I believe that the transformation of behaviors and systems will enable you to grow beyond mere survival into a place of thriving.

I am a firm believer that change is possible and it begins with you wanting to change and be transformed by the Spirit. While I cannot guarantee that I can fully eliminate suffering, I strive to change how you respond and relate to suffering. You and I will explore the complex and hidden desires and motivations that hinder you from knowing your true self. For some, this will involve re-aligning oneself to the gospel of truth and love. The aim is to not only alleviate symptoms, but to reorient your understanding and beliefs how you face your life circumstances and seeking to experience a deep spiritual transformation.

My theoretical and clinical orientation is psychodynamic and client-centered. Meaning, I will meet you where you are at regardless of your circumstance. I use evidence-based treatment modalities such as Insight counseling, CBT, DBT, Emotion Regulation,  Mindfulness-based practices, Internal Family Systems, IPNB, and Storytelling. My area of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Anxiety

  • Attachment Disorder

  • Adjustment Disorder

  • Cultural Diversity and Inclusion

  • Codependency

  • Depression

  • Elder care

  • Emotion Regulation

  • Grief and Loss

  • Lifestage transition

  • Marriage, Divorce and Re-marriage counseling

  • Mindfulness

  • Pre-marital Counseling

  • Singleness and Dating

  • Sexual orientation

  • Sexual abuse and Trauma recovery

  • Shame and Guilt