Arlene Navarro is a joy to collaborate with. We have shared multiple complex clients who desire a faith based approach and I have found her to be a very empathic and skillful clinician who always puts her clients first.

/ Michael Ascher, M.D. /
Psychiatrist & Clinical Assistant Professor  Perelman School of Medicine


Arlene has become a friend amidst multiple collaborations in the last four (4) years. Her deep commitment to inhabiting the Christian story in a way that is open to the best wisdom of psychology inspires me. She is an endlessly curious person whose insight is matched by deep compassion for people in need.

/ Chuck DeGroat /
Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling, Western Theological Seminary, Licensed Professional Counselor, Book author of Leaving Egypt: Finding God in the Wilderness Places, Toughest People to Love, Wholeheartedness


Finding a good Christian counselor can be very difficult. If you are looking for someone knowledgeable about life's problems, willing to go deep with you and aware of best practices, check out Arlene Navarro.

Licensed Psychologist, DIANE LANGBERG & ASSOCIATES. Founder & Director of Global Trauma Institute


Arlene is a long-time friend and colleague in ministry. I am grateful to have a front row seat on her development as a Christian counselor over the last decade. She cares and loves generously, and helps people understand the way Jesus' story connects with their own. She intentionally develops her skills as a counselor, and I know of many people that benefit from her private counseling and her facilitation of groups. I am excited about this next phase of her counseling practice.

/ Tuck bartholomew, PhD /

Senior Pastor, City church Philadelphia. SENIOR FELLOW AT NEWBIGIN HOUSE OF STUDIES


Arlene Navarro is an incredibly gifted and insightful counselor, with an uncanny ability to connect with a broad spectrum of people. Since she began work in Philadelphia in 2004, I have witnessed her speak into the brokenness of hundreds of people with great insight, attention, and redemption. She is able to consider the whole person and his/her brokenness, and offer the hope of the gospel.



I am grateful that Arlene Navarro was my counselor. She patiently helped me through some difficult times, especially when doing trauma work.  Arlene spoke truth into my life when I needed it.

/ A former client /


I have worked with other Christian counselors before and I was skeptic when Arlene Navarro was referred to me by a pastor friend. To my surprise, Arlene was very thoughtful, loving and walked with me in my struggle. I am more secure in my relationship with God more than ever as a gay Christian.

/ A former client /


Arlene Navarro listened to me so patiently and offered me so much grace.  Even when there were times I was resistant, her heart towards me was so kind. She has been a refuge in my times of dry and weary land.

/ A former client /