Counseling Services and Fees



Individual Counseling

For adolescents ages 15 years and up, adults and elderly.  One on one counseling allows you to explore your understanding of your life and beliefs surrounding your circumstance. You and I will work towards a time of reflective listening of your story, reorienting your beliefs, and ushering you to a restored and flourishing life.

Couples Counseling

For those that are dating, engaged and married couples that are seeking to deepen their intimacy in their relationship. Relationships can be challenging and messy. As imperfect human beings, we are bound to face conflict, difficulty and disappointment. The absence of conflict in a relationship is not necessarily always a sign of a healthy relationship. Conflict can be destructive and at the same time redemptive. How do we stay in a relationship where it can be a place for redemption that ushers in growth and maturity? I employ evidence-based approach such as the Gottman Method, Attachment Theory, and Emotionally Focused Therapy.

For engaged couples or those that are considering engagement, as a registered and certified Prepare-Enrich counselor, I use the #1 research and evidence-based pre-marital and marriage assessment tool called Prepare-Enrich. It is a tool that identifies the couples' strengths and potential areas for growth. For more information about Prepare/Enrich, please see: This online tool is an additional cost and separate from your counseling fee.

Family Counseling 

Including crisis counseling, parent-child issues, and sibling issues. I will explore your family of origin and the way each member of the family functions and how they affect the family dynamic.  

Adolescent Counseling

Including Storytelling and or narrative approach for teenagers ages 15 years old and above. I will assist them in managing their emotions and thoughts when dealing with problems. Parents are invited to come with their adolescent child during the first session provided that the adolescent consents to it.


When combined with individual counseling, group therapy can be really effective in your treatment and recovery process depending on your circumstance.  Group Therapy is comprised of 6-10 individuals who meet in a safe and supportive environment with a trained professional counselor and licensed psychotherapist surrounding a particular issue. These groups are offered throughout the course of the year on a variety of topics, including sexual abuse recovery, emotion regulation skills group, mindfulness, shame recovery and grief counseling.  

Group Therapy typically run Mondays, 6-8:30pm for 8-12 weeks.  Each session runs for 2.5 clinical hours - 1st half is skills training, 2nd half is processing. Cost can vary depending on the number of sessions per module. The price ranges from $510 per module for a 6-week module to $850 for a 10-week module. Sliding scale fee and in some cases, insurance may be accepted depending on the facilitator leading the group. Call 484-489-0558 or email at

Current groups:

Shame Recovery Group - using Christian psychiatrist and book author, Dr. Curt Thompson, The Soul of Shame, we will explore areas of your life that have long been hidden and covered by shame. This is a safe and nurturing environment that helps you release the scars that have paralyzed you from seeing beauty and goodness the way you were made to live. Date May 7- August 27, Mondays 6-8:30p.  New group begins in the January 2019.

Grounding, Grieving & Growing - This is a 3-part series using Christian psychologist's book author, Dr. Heidi Vermeer-Quist's, Gardening Your Life. Each 10-week module is designed to help you face life challenges and relationships with a more balanced perspective based on truth, research & evidence-based skills and peace of mind.  

Grounding Group Therapy - 1st module of 3-part series, learn evidence-based skills and strategies to help you stay grounded amidst difficult life challenges. January 9 - April - closed.  This module consists of 10 2.5 hr sessions. Cost: $850, two installments of payment accepted. 

Grieving Group Therapy - 2nd module of 3-part series, helps you learn about healthy grieving and experience the freedom and wisdom that comes with working through grief. This module consists of 10 2.5 hr sessions. Cost: $850, two installments of payment accepted. 

Psychiatry/Medical Management

I value collaborative work especially when caring for my clients.  I work with trusted licensed and board certified psychiatrists and psychologists.  As needed, I will refer you to them for psychiatric evaluation and medical management. 



an intake fee is $175 for 60 minutes. Payment is due upon service. the counseling fee for an individual session is $175.00*.

for couples &/or Family counseling, the fees and choices are as follows:

$175.00 for a 50 minute session

$260.00 for a 75 minute session

$315.00 for a 90 minute session

*a sliding scale fee is available FOR INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING. THIS will be based on your proof of income. the sliding scale fee does not apply to couples or family counseling.

Method of payment: Cash, checks or VenMo payments are accepted. Credit card payments are accepted through Square plus 3% additional fee. There will be a charge of $30.oo for returned checks.

Cancellation policy: A 48-hr cancellation notice prior to your scheduled appointment is much appreciated. I ask that all clients honor this cancellation policy to avoid a late cancellation charge of $175 or equivalent thereof. Please contact your therapist directly via phone or email during normal business hours, weekends are not included.

Insurance:  Self-pay.  Ask your insurance company if they will cover for mental health services through their Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account. If so, a receipt can be issued for possible reimbursement

Sliding Scale Fee: I do offer a sliding scale fee for those in need of financial assistance.  Please contact me directly to determine your fee based on your proof of income or hardship.  If you qualify, the sliding scale counseling fee starts at $135.  

Student Discount rate: I also offer our lowest rate to full-time students:

College Students rate is $120. Graduate students, $130. A copy of your current tuition receipt,  a valid current student ID, and/or current school email address is required.

Referral discount:  Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. I appreciate your trust. Therefore, your referral is invaluable to us.  If a referral is made by a sponsoring friend of Re:Story Counseling Service, I can honor a one-time 5% discount off your next counseling session.


What to expect

I am aware that counseling can sometimes be intimidating, especially if you've never experienced therapy before. You are not alone. I will work with you to create a therapeutic relationship that is built on trust and what will make you feel safe regardless of what challenges your are faced with.  Confidentiality is always assumed and to be expected.

The first session is usually an Intake Session unless an immediate crisis intervention that is not medical in nature is necessary.  I will ask you basic questions such as your medical history, family of origin, relationships, significant events and people in your life and your goal for counseling.